Valuables, 5 (d100)

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More useful than simple baubles touched mystery, these items have either a clear purpose, a reliable ability or are made from a fairly costly material. The items could fetch fair prices to collectors of the strange, jewelers, antique or art dealers or simply to barter with if the owner is short on actual currency.

d100 Result


Traveler’s Spellbook: A finely polished oaken staff (Quarterstaff statistics) that tingles and hums with magical energy. Its upper half is covered in a number of wide flat strips of high grade leather bearing arcane runes that have been carefully tied around the staff and affixed to the wood with small silver nails. The leather strips flutter and rustle of their own accord as if blown about in a light breeze and small colored sparks occasionally leap from one strip to another. Knowledgeable PC’s will recognize this as a functional, if eccentric wizard’s spellbook and know that each strip of leather bears is own spell and is the equivalent to a sheet of paper from a normal spellbook. —Note: It is up to the DM what spells if any are found already inscribed on the leather strips. More strips could be inscribed with spells and affixed to the staff at the same cost of inscribing a new spell into a spellbook.


Face of the Red Virus: A white harlequin mask displaying a feminine face, with black eyebrows, red lips and solid black eyes. When unattended the mask presents a blank expression, however once donned, the mask’s eyes glow a bright green (Which the bearer can see though perfectly) and the bearer can change the mask’s expression by passing their hand over the mask. The mask then changes to a frozen caricature of a single expression while still retaining the mask’s basic features. The bearer can choose to have the mask display a set of squarish white human teeth or a set of long needle-like fangs depending on if he wishes the expression to be conforming or terrifying.


Grandmother’s Legacy: A set of bone crochet hooks that grant the bearer the ability to crochet proficiently, as if they had been doing it all of their lives. The bones look strangely humanoid and using the hooks gives the user strange feelings of déjà-vu and strange memories akin to half forgotten dreams. These quasi memories include: crocheting in a circle of old women gossiping about their lives, in front of a roaring fire with grandchildren playing at your feet and giving your handiwork to your extended family and knowing that your efforts will keep them warm in the cold. A knowledgeable PC will realize that the hooks were made from the bones of an elderly grandmother and imbued with a fraction of her spirit and skill.


A cold iron scroll tube containing a signed parchment, entitling the bearer to one unspecified favor or service from a local fey princeling. Knowledgeable PC’s will know that although the favor doesn’t seen to have a catch or price, nothing is ever truly free with the fey.


Windblown Cape: A black waterproof leather cape that can change color and billow dramatically at its bearer’s whims. The bearer can control the cape mentally, causing it to appear in any single shade of color or to move as if blown by the wind. The bearer can cause the cape to ruffle as if in a light breeze or be blown back as if by a raging wind. The cape creates no actual wind to fuel this effect, it is the fabric itself which has been magically animated.


A worn and battered dog collar with a small metal tag attached to the tarnished buckle. The owner of the collar can call the name of the dog who’s name is etched on the metal tag which summons its lingering spirit. The medium sized mutt will then appear before it’s new owner and want to play. The ghostly dog is visible and tangible to only the owner of the collar and cannot interact with anything else with the exception of a single stick or bone that can be used to play fetch.


Evergreen Totem: A totem carved of pine wood carved in the shape of an evergreen tree, strung on a leather throng. The object constantly emits a scented aura of freshly cut pine in a 15 foot radius. The totem can be worn as a necklace or left in a room to mask unpleasant odors.


An eagle shaped letter opener made of electrum


A heavily embroidered neck pillow. When used, the bearer falls into a heavy sleep and has sweet dreams of childhood


Staff of Walking & Distance Measuring: A sturdy oaken walking staff (Quarterstaff statistics) that imparts the bearer with the exact number of miles they have walked while the staff has been on their person.


Feather Token Sapling: A large vibrant feather that rustles slightly in the sunlight even when there isn’t a trace of wind. Placing the feather stem down into dirt of soil and uttering the command word causes the feather to transform into a non-magical oak sapling. The tree is one foot tall, healthy and requires all of the normal conditions a tree needs in order to continue to live and grow.


Weeping Willow: A foot tall willow sapling in a glass bottle that survives indefinitely while sealed in the glass. When the glass is broken, the sapling can be planted in the ground and begins to grow at twice the normal rate for a willow tree. This specific plant is a magical species known as a Weeping Willow. Instead of drawing water from the ground by its roots it to sustain itself, it instantly teleports freshly shed tears from sentient creatures into itself. The moment a sentient creature cries within the Weeping Willow’s range of effect (A 500 ft radius centered on the tree), the tears immediately vanish and are used as sustenance for the tree. Knowledgeable PC’s are aware that the actual origin of this magical species is not well known and most stories believe it to have been the helpful but misguided attempt at a comforting gesture by a minor god or fey creature. Legend has it that the creator saw that sentient creatures always seemed to cry when they were sad and thought that if the willow took away their tears, they wouldn’t be sad anymore. Other stories believe the willow to be a form of foul parasite that thrives on suffering and sadness. Those stories portray a trickster fey or petty demon who sows seeds of Weeping Willows which subtlety encourages anguish within its area in order to feed on more tears. Regardless of it’s origin, Weeping Willows are fairly rare and are usually found in places where tears are commonly shed as those are the only places where it can survive. Adult Weeping Willows can be located in places of great or recurring misery such as war memorials, hospitals, hospices, orphanages, graveyards and prisons. Whether its effect on the creatures in it’s radius is a blessing or a curse is up to each person to decide on their own.


Medallion Of The Bronzed Night: A silver medallion in the shape of a half-moon that lets the bearer gain a tanned complexion and absorb vitamin D from moonlight and starlight as easily as they would by sunlight.


Amulet Of The Bronzed One: A gold trimmed bronze amulet in the shape of a blazing sun. The bearer develops a skin tan twice as quickly as they normally would when exposed to sunlight. It also halves the chances of being sunburned or suffering from heatstroke.


Prismatic Glasses: A pair of spectacles made of rainbow colored glass lenses set in a wire frame that fits most humanoids. While wearing the glasses, color blind creatures are able to see a full spectrum of colors as if they were not colorblind.


Spectacles of the Blind Reader: A pair spectacles made of opaque, black obsidian lenses set in a wire frame that fits most humanoids. Blind creatures who wear the spectacles are able to to read by tracing written words with their fingers. They must be able to understand the language in order to read it, otherwise they only understand the shape of the letters but not their meaning. The spectacles allow the bearer to sense written words in a five foot radius of himself and the closer he is to any form of script the more he can pinpoint it. The bearer must be blind (Even if only temporarily blind) for the spectacles to grant their magical effects.


Eversmoking Bottle: An iron bottle flecked with rust and stoppered with a cork that feels warm to the touch. When opened, the bottle releases a steady stream of smoke equivalent to a freshly snuffed candle. This smoke itself is not magical and will blow away in a light breeze or dissipate into a room just as if a candle was snuffed. The constant smoke can be used to deter insects or predators with a strong sense of smell and add a cheap smoky flavor to food. If given enough time it could be used to smoke out or suffocate creatures trapped in a room with poor ventilation.


Flower Pot of Change. A ceramic plant pot decorated with images of forest scenes and various plant life. A seed planted into this pot will grow into a plant similar to it’s kind but different in noticeable ways, for example an acorn planted might develop purple leaves or beautiful flowers. Flowering plants may develop competently different colors, petals or smells than they normally would or edible fruit-bearing bushes might develop poison berries. Any living seed (any seed that could potentially grow) planted in the pot will flourish as long as the conditions are similar to it’s natural habitat. The pot requires one gallon of water per week to function as well as adequate lighting conditions. The pot must contain some type of soil, sand, water (in the case of aquatic plants) gravel or dirt to function that would be similar to the ideal conditions of the planted seed. Plants removed from the pot often die without the magical sustenance provided by the pot to keep it alive due to its mutations and only one plant can be potted at any time. An extremely skilled herbalist or gardener may be able to keep a removed plant alive but it will not under any circumstance reproduce due to its magical anomalies.


Amulet of the Cowardly Visitor: A small silver pendant in the shape of a fist that allows the bearer to knock on doors from up to 50 feet away.


A stylized silver fork that will stab the bearer in the tongue if they attempt to eat more than is strictly needed for their survival. It appears to be a single part of a larger set.


A stylized silver spoon that will throw away any liquid remaining in it if the bearer attempts to eat more than is strictly needed for their survival. It appears to be a single part of a larger set.


A stylized silver knife that will cut the bearer if they attempt to eat more than is strictly needed for their survival. It appears to be a single part of a larger set.


A stylized silver plate that will throw away any food remaining on it if the bearer attempts to eat more than is strictly needed for their survival. It appears to be a single part of a larger set.


A stylized silver cup that will throw away any liquid remaining in it if the bearer attempts to drink more than is strictly needed for their survival. It appears to be a single part of a larger set.


A stylized silver tankard that will throw away any alcohol remaining in it if the bearer attempts to drink while already intoxicated. It appears to be a single part of a larger set.


Water Purification Sponge: A fist-sized blue sponge that can absorb up to one pint of water at a time. Squeezing the water out of the sponge instantly filters and purifies it, making it safe for drinking, washing, and similar activities. This process cleans the water as if it had been brought to an active boil for thirty minutes. The sponge can cleanse 50 pints of water before deteriorating and becoming useless.


Rockshard Canister: A black glass canister the size of a helmet made up of two separate compartments. The large lower compartment contains hundreds of jagged shards of obsidian. The upper airtight chamber contains a sticky resin that hardens immediately upon contact with air. A creature can strike the canister with a bludgeoning melee weapon, causing both compartments shatter and the obsidian shards to adhere to the weapon. Afterwards the weapon will deal a combination of slashing, piercing and bludgeoning damage instead of just bludgeoning. The resin is incredibly potent and can only be removed with the application of a powerful solvent but may be worn away if the weapon itself is dealt a significant amount of fire or acid damage.


A mundane looking dice mat that causes all dice rolled on it to fall randomly canceling out weighted or loaded dice.


Vitruvian Pen: An mundane looking ink stylus that causes all letters and symbols written by it to appear backwards. To casual perusal the writing looks to be gibberish or some sort of complex code, however the writing can be easily read by holding it up to a mirror.


Haunting Melody: A wind-up music box featuring a beautiful white stallion which rocks back and forth while playing music and which, once listened to, causes any creatures to feel strongly compelled to listen to it again at least once a day. When wound up the box plays music for one minute and can be wound and played as much as desired. After a creature has listened to the box at least twice in a week, they suffer from a very specific nightmare the next time they sleep. In the dream the creature sees a young girl of their own species being attacked by vicious creatures while being unable to defend herself. The creature feels the need to help the small girl whose name and face they do not know but who has dark brown hair, fair skin, and very simple but tattered clothes. Haunting images of the girl lying broken by roadsides ditches, dark alleyways or or other miserable places in positions that would indicate she is dying or dead, appears in the creatures mind whenever they try to sleep. The nightmare’s specifics are not exactly the same but the general scenario never changes. The creature feels that repeatedly listening to the music box will somehow help the creature or allow them to learn more about who the girl is so that they can help her spirit pass on. The nightmares stop completely if the creature goes more than seven days without listening to the music box. —Note: This is considered a cursed item for the purposes of any detection magic or curse breaking powers. No matter how many times a creature listens to the music box or experiences the nightmares, he never learns more about the mysterious girl.


A pair of cobra-shaped earrings made of gold. The pins of the earring are made from lacquered cobra fangs and the eyes are polished ruby chips.


A silver orb roughly the size of an apple, polished to mirror-like shine. Half of the orb is decorated with three key-like projections of steel, while the other half has been etched with the symbol of the Kalister family, a six-armed demon. PC’s knowledgeable in history may know that the orb was crafted to be the key to the burial vaults of the Kalister Necropolis. The Kalisters were wealthy sorcerers whose burial vaults have been lost for centuries.


A small magical statuette of white marble, roughly a foot tall that shapes its form to the last sentient being that touched it. It currently has the form of a dragon (Or other creature as the DM chooses). Should a different sentient creature touch it, the statue makes terrible stone-on-stone grinding sounds and reshapes itself over the course of a minute.


A small iron-strapped oaken coffer holding a silver trade bar stamped with the sigil of the “Manham’s Trading Cartel”.


A newly-sprouted, potted treant. The creature is in its infancy and is not able to speak, attack or move around on its own.


Tailwind Cape: A black waterproof leather cape that can change color and create it’s own breeze to sooth the bearer. The bearer can control the cape mentally, causing it to appear in any single shade of color or to subject the bearer from a slight breeze from behind. The wind is not enough to knock the bearer over but can provide fresh air and a constantly push from behind for long journeys in the hot sun.


A silver scarab brooch, inlaid with gold and four emerald chips.


A sealed glass bottle of 327 year old elven rose wine.


An empty silver flask with a stopper inscribed with the holy symbol of the God of Roll on "Neutral Domains" that always feels cold to the touch.


A rapier scabbard trimmed in silver and set with three red garnets along its length. There is a small opening at its point that allows the scabbard to be used as a breathing tube, if needed.


A hand sized sculpture done in silver wire on a granite base, that creates the image of a bull when viewed from a certain angle.


A key, roughly eight inches long and crafted of silver with a piece of green jade in the shape of a longboat set into the handle. This key is decorative, and there are no matching locks.


A large ewer of silver, etched with scenes of a boar hunt with an inset brown garnet in the shape of the boar.


A shallow turquoise bowl, roughly one foot in diameter, whose rim is edged in silver.


A silver longsword scabbard with five jets evenly inset along its length.


A leather case containing a deck of tarot cards etched on silver plates. The six suits for this deck are: Caverns, Demons, Fates, Moons, Swords, and Wands.


A large pearl in a decorative wood and velvet case that is shaped like an oyster.


A large, oval plate crafted of gold and decorated with a scene of men wrestling. Inscribed along the lower edge of the plate is the inscription “To the victor, the spoils”. Knowledgeable PC’s will recognize this as the first place trophy of the annual wrestling competition of a nearby kingdom.


A belt pouch containing 13 gold coins of various denominations. The royal faces of the coins have been crudely hammered off and re-stamped with the symbol of an evil god of greed.


A set of masterwork steel manacles covered in alchemical silver, with a key attached.


A weathered black leather quiver containing eight rotted arrows. A false bottom within the quiver holds five pink pearls wrapped in linen cloth.


A weathered pouch containing four ancient mithril coins. They are triangular in shape, with a hole in the middle. On one side is a chariot and driver and the on the other is the face of an ancient king of unknown lands.


A silver brooch depicting a mage’s tower. When worn, it will allow the bearer to go through the primary magical defensive wards of the servant’s entrance of a nearby wizard’s guild (Or wizard’s tower, academy, union, school, etc) without setting off any alarms.


A bracelet of seven linked gold medallions, each etched with the symbol of a different Random God of a Good Domain and set with one of seven different stones: Bloodstone, Carnelian, Jasper, Amethyst, Green Spinel, Violet Garnet, and Moonstone.


An oval serving tray of tarnished silver trimmed in gold.


A small, velvet lined wooden case containing a matched set of five small silver statuettes (Each about two inches tall) consisting of a cat, an owl, a falcon, a horse and a griffon.


A pair of child sized silk slippers encrusted with tiny pearls.


A fist sized, spherical object whose entire surface is covered in small square mirrors. A line of silk rope extends from the object and ends in a loop. When hung from a ceiling and a light is shone towards it, the object will spin slowly (reflecting the light everywhere) and play rhythmic music made for dancing. All who hear the music feel an irresistible urge to stay alive, stay alive.


A wooden bowl of exquisitely crafted, life sized fruit made of colored glass. The bowl includes: an apple, a pear, a lemon a lime, a banana, and a bunch of grapes. When placed in a well-lit area the fruit refracts colored light in all directions.


A plain wooden box containing half a dozen small mithril disks with jagged edges. There is nothing on the disks or the box that hints at their use.


A pinewood totem pole of the northern barbarians tribes, bearing six faces (From top to bottom): A white dragon, a hawk, a man, a fox, an elk and a demon. The dragon has ivory teeth, the hawk has a silver feather on the left side of its face, the man has electrum eyes, the fox has a black onyx nose, the elk has copper antlers and the demon has a gold nose-ring. The pole is one-foot-tall and seems to be made for easy transport.


A small abacus with copper, silver and gold markers on a frame of finished oak. The entire set is very heavy and seems more decorative than practical.


An unused spool of delicate silver thread


An unused spool of delicate gold thread


A dwarven holy symbol cast in silver, shaped into a flaming war-hammer set against an anvil-shaped backdrop.


A curly green-haired wig of mermaid hair that falls well past the shoulders. It has a silver and pearl hairclip hidden within the thick tresses.


A single silver skeleton-key on a silver ring. The key is finely crafted, with a delicate design etched in elvish characters along the length and across the bow.


A tarnished silver skullcap with three round-cut lapis lazuli set in a triangle.


A mounted tiger’s head wearing a thick golden necklace. Knowledgeable PC’s will recognize that the head is actually that of a rakshasa (A malicious being from the outer dimensions), and radiates evil and an aura of illusion and transmutation energy to detection magic.


A purple-colored enchanted apple that when eaten over the course of one minute, restores two hit point per character level (Or 20% of maximum his health or other equivalent amount) to a single creature.


A magnificent silver hand mirror with mother-of-pearl backing.


An opulent baby rattle crafted of silver, with a pearl enclosed to provide the rattling noise.


A finely made silver chalice etched in arcane symbols.


An alchemist’s leather bandolier with a dozen slots, five of which are filled with Random Sealed Glass Vials. —Note: The DM can choose or roll randomly on one of the Sealed Glass Vial tables or fill the vials with whatever they see fit.


A well detailed, life sized, ivory carving of a chicken.


A set of stamps and hammers designed for minting the local coinage. Knowledgeable PC’s will notice the forgeries to be very good but not perfect.


Key of Hope: A strangely shaped steel key that fits in any lock but almost never turns the mechanism. There is a 1% chance that every time the key is placed in a lock it hasn’t already been placed in, it turns and unlocks the object but then disintegrates.


A cane of the purest white ivory, decorated with unknown runes and topped with a handle of polished amber. Trapped within the amber is a strange insect-like creature unlike any the PCs have ever seen before.


An elegant hinged case of black onyx containing a set of masterwork gaming darts. Although useless for combat, the dart’s superb balance and construction grants advantage to creatures using them for sporting or gaming purposes.


A small ivory snuffbox, filled to the brim with the ground wings of fairies.


A hand sized clockwork toy soldier which, when placed in a doorway or similar portal begins to march back and forth within the opening. The soldier will march ceaselessly unless picked up or purposely knocked over at which point it stops moving.


The Erian Tapestry. A famous tapestry depicting the last battle of the great war, known as the “Fall of Erian”. The figures upon the tapestry move and change, silently re-enacting (In an artistically abstracted form) the legendary clash over the course of half an hour.


A statuette of a minor fertility goddess of the sea, expertly carved from a single fist sized pearl.


An ancient deck of cards with five suits: clovers, swords, clubs, hearts, and dragons. The cards seem to be made of incredibly thinly sliced, opaque bone and are worn smooth as glass. The cards resist all forms of damage and stain and refuse to be marred or scratched.


A scabbard stained the dark color of rust that changes in size and shape to accommodate most weapons. Any blade which is placed within the scabbard will emerge covered in a sheen of blood.


A small tablet of pure gold, inscribed with the core rites and beliefs of a venerable religion. Careful study of this tablet, however, will reveal subtle (But important) differences between these ancient practices and the current practices of the religion in question.


A hand sized diorama made of oak and silver, depicting a prophecy of the last days of the world in vivid detail.


A pan flute carved from the bones of a unicorn which when played, do not make the slightest sound to most creatures. Only fae and fairy kin creatures can hear the tortured sounds of the unicorn’s spirit and they will often seek revenge for their fallen kin.


A small stone chest containing of two dozen ancient coins leftover from the elder days of the world and made by a civilization utterly alien to the cultures of today. They are carved from bloodstone, moonstone, and jacinth, with unknown faces and unreadable runes decorating their surface.


A silver brooch in the shape of a dragonfly that occasionally flutters its wings.


An opium pipe made from beautifully carved jade with the name “Lawrence” inscribed on the underside.


A lifelike wooden snake that’s painted to resemble an extremely venomous species. When touched by a living creature, the snake animates and wraps itself around the creature’s arms or torso, moving to a new location every few minutes. The bearer can easily remove the snake from their person and it becomes inanimate the moment it stops being touched.


A perfectly round, fist sized snowball that never melts.


A ten-feet long steel chain that doesn’t make any sound when rattled.


A 1’ x 2’ painting of a salmon leaping up a waterfall, that repels mosquitoes in a five foot radius.


A rolled-up scroll that displays the bearer’s exact height and weight when opened.


A rosewood mask that causes the bearer to see the creatures around them as unnaturally beautiful.


Drunkard’s Draught: A stone drinking mug that although sturdy and well made, is clearly worn and well used. The vessel can be used to store and drink already intoxicating liquids just fine, but it’s true nature lies in creating its own alcohol. If the mug is filled with a sugary or high calorie liquid (juice, honeyed water, sugar water and grain mush, etc) and a pinch of yeast, the liquid will ferment over the course of a minute and will become alcoholic. This liquor could never be called “good quality” by even the sloppiest drunk, in fact it’s only a few steps away from vinegar in most cases. However to the desperate and the secret drinkers even terrible liquor is better than none.


Umbrella Of Loneliness: An umbrella made of black oilskin stretched over bamboo rods. When held by a sentient creature and opened outdoors, a small dark storm-cloud forms above the umbrella. The cloud immediately begins raining heavily directly upon the umbrella which does not effect the bearer of his equipment but soaks everything else in a five foot radius. The water immediately evaporates if it is more than five feet away from the umbrella or if the umbrella is closed. The storm-cloud randomly launches miniature lightning bolts at creatures (Other than the bearer) within a five foot radius of the umbrella. These lighting bolts are the equivalent of a static shock and only cause mild discomfort but quickly become incredibly annoying.


Wand of Obliviate (Damaged): A nine inch long, slightly bendy cherry wand with a core of dragon heartstring. The wand is imbued with a memory forgetfulness charm and could normally be used to erase the last 60 seconds the target experienced, however it is damaged and backfires on the wielder as often as not. Twice per day the wielder can used the wand to attempt to erase the memory of a living target they can see within 30 feet. Upon activation there is a 50% chance that the wand backfires and the wielder losses all memory of the previous minute and a 50% chance that the wand is actually successful and the target losses all memory of the previous minute. —Note: Should this item prove to be too powerful, the DM can allow a save to resist the wand’s effect at whatever difficulty check the DM feels is fair. Should it backfire, the wielder should also be allowed to attempt the save.