Valuables, 6 (d100)

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More useful than simple baubles touched mystery, these items have either a clear purpose, a reliable ability or are made from a fairly costly material. The items could fetch fair prices to collectors of the strange, jewelers, antique or art dealers or simply to barter with if the owner is short on actual currency.

d100 Result


A cute purple hair ribbon. When worn, the bearer is relieved of any mundane headaches or migraines they have and cannot develop them whilst wearing the ribbon.


A silk scarf that has been magically enchanted to look like flowing water. The fabric’s water has a current and onlookers will notice ripples and bubbles in the scarf’s constantly flowing pattern.


A golden hair pin set with a jasper spider. When worn, the bearer is aware of the exact location of any spider within three feet of them.


A steel fork that instantly cooks to perfection small pieces of raw meat (One inch cubed or smaller) that are skewered by its tines.


A peacock writing quill that never runs out of ink, but randomly changes the color of its ink every hour.


A wooden box, half a cubic foot in size that causes bread placed in it for more than one minute to become lightly toasted and buttered on one side.


A bracelet made from a lattice of woven silver that automatically adjusts itself to the wrist size of its bearer.


A large flawless white pearl that fills whoever holds it with a desire to help others regardless of the risk to their own life. Knowledgeable PC’s will recognize this as a Saintsblood Pearl. It is said that when the pure of heart are martyred for their faith, the blood that spills from them is white as the purest snow. As the droplets come in contact with the cold-hearted world, they harden into Saintsblood Pearls, through which the martyr may still grant blessings to the faithful.


A plain, unadorned, black obelisk three feet in height. If placed in dirt, stone or sand, directly under the open sky, a miniature storm cloud will form three feet above the obelisk and will loose a torrent of rain and a near-constant barrage of lightning on the stone. The rain evaporates immediately and cannot be drank or collected and the lighting is equivalent to harmless static shocks.


Adversarial Melody: A black and red music box that upon casual use, appears to be broken. When cranked, the ballerina in the box twirls around but only one creature in all of existence can hear it. Whoever considers themselves the bearer’s worst enemy can hear a faint, disembodied nursery rhyme. The bearer is not necessarily aware of this phenomenon.


Companion’s Refrain: A white and green music box that upon casual use, appears to be broken. When cranked, the ballerina in the box twirls around but only one creature in all of existence can hear it. Whoever considers themselves the bearer’s best friend can hear a faint, disembodied nursery rhyme. The bearer is not necessarily aware of this phenomenon.


A set of masterfully crafted manacles with each carefully forged link containing a relevant parable or meaningful quote excerpted from sacred texts.


A lovingly crafted travel tankard that makes all manner of liquids drunk from it taste of mead.


A six inch long decorative silver fish with deep emerald eyes.


A golden incense burner etched with a smooth, flowing script spelling out prayers to the god of the sky.


An empty Roll on "Random Colour Table" ceramic jar that emanates a constant but barely audible growling noise. When opened, a wolf howl bursts forth from it and continues until it is closed. The jar will howl up to one full minute per day.


A sealed glass jar with a series of small holes in the lid that contains six lightning bugs. When the jar is opened, they fly out, but stay in a line formation as if tired together with a small, invisible string. If the lid of the jar is tapped three times, the bugs will fly back into the jar. The fireflies require no food or sustenance and do not age as long as they spend the majority of their time in their jar.


A a small maple box lined with white velvet. Inside lies a set of three handkerchiefs; light grey, cobalt blue, and pitch black in color. They never stain or become damaged by any liquid they soak up and always smell freshly laundered.


A thick, gold, box chain style necklace that grows at the same rate as the bearer’s hair up to a maximum of one inch a day. The links are stronger than steel but if cut, melted or otherwise broken, the entire chain crumbles to worthless dust.


A small, plain, silver music box. When opened, it plays a slightly off tune version of the bearer’s favorite song.


An empty, pixie sized gold flask patterned with leaves and vines


A hand sized canine tooth with organic looking silver and gold veins running through it


A sky-blue, glass bottle bearing a hand sized sculpture of a silver eagle wrapped around the top of the glass.


A thin, grey, woolen blanket that is oddly soft and cozy. Its material stays at the bearer’s preferred temperature no matter the weather conditions, but only when the bearer is unconscious.


An elaborately carved maple cigar box lined with red silk. In it, lies a cigar clip, and three large cigars. Each have an identical gold paper label with an image of an orc snarling on it.


A set of women’s hair curlers, that when worn overnight cause the bearer’s hair to become poker straight hair instead of the expected ringlets. This effect lasts 24 hours and causes no damage to the hair.


A large brass candelabra that will only allow the candles to stay lit for an hour at a time, no matter their size. They can be re-lit at any point after the candelabra snuffs them out. Knowledgeable PC’s will realize that this was likely meant to be used in a large bedroom as a precaution against the user falling asleep with candles still burning, thus wasting them or risking a house-fire.


A bejeweled ivory drinking horn with gold filigree


A permanently boogery nose ring of orcish design that was worn by a revered historian for the majority of his life. While worn, the bearer becomes familiar with all aspects of orcish life. The nose ring imposes disadvantage on all of the bearer’s diplomacy checks (Even towards orcs) but grants advantage on all knowledge checks related to orcish culture, history or society. The nose ring must be worn for eight hours before the bearer gains the benefits, however the penalty to diplomacy takes effect immediately when worn.


A wood case containing five animal figurines carved of turquoise on a bed of velvet.


A silver chalice set with moonstones wrapped in white linen


A heavy iron door knocker in the shape of a stag’s head. When the knocker is used, its owner hears a disembodied voice whisper that there is a guest at the door. The owner is defined as the creature who attached the knocker to the door or wall. The owner must be within 100 feet of the knocker to hear the whisper.


A black leather surgeon’s case that can be strapped to the waist or thigh, or can be slung over a shoulder. It consists of a leather pouch, a set of bandages, a sewing kit with silk thread, a scalpel, a bone saw, a bottle of strong brandy and a vial of smelling salts.


A bolt of white cashmere cloth that never seems to get dirty, wrapped in oilskin.


A hairpin set with an iridescent opal. The gem changes to a Random Colour every day.


A silver coin. It’s precisely geometric in its patterning and shape, and is too thick and large to be practical as currency. It may serve in some sort of ceremonial ritual, as a key or activation object or be used as a debt marker of some sort.


A bundle of good quality lion pelts tied together with leather strips and wrapped in oilskin


A single red tinted coin made of pewter with distinctive markings on each side. Knowledgeable PC’s will recognize this as a Smugglers’ Coin, which is sometimes used as a payment or debt marker and form of currency by shadier merchants, smugglers and black market communities. The markings on each side is a cipher, one side tells who created the marker and the other side tells of it’s worth in goods, trade or services. Without a member of the black market community or the proper cipher code, the markings are untranslatable.


A black leather eye patch with a mock eye set in blue sapphire and moonstone


Book of Dreams: A heavy book whose cover is made from soft leather and is bound with spider silk string thread and rare bird feathers. The tome is blank, but when a story is told by someone holding it open, illusionary imagery appears hovering above the book, acting out what the storyteller describes. In the hands of a skill orator, the illusions can serve as an impressive visual aid, acting out each loving described detail, heart wrenching emotional cue and choreographed fight scene. The book can also create terribly misshapen wretches whose very existence offends the nature of any creature with measurable visual acuity when in the hands of a terrible narrator. In addition, when a story puts a creature to sleep, the storyteller may allow the book to display and act out the sleeper’s dreams, which usually tie in to the story that was being told.


A small square of brown cloth that when clapped between the bearer’s hands, springs into a full sized feather pillow. Collapsing it requires the same process and allows for easy transportation.


A small golden ear cuff that will fit comfortably on any creature. While worn, the bearer cannot hear the buzzing of any small insects.


A long golden bracelet resembling a snake made of fine links fashioned to look like scales, one end is flared for the head with two ruby chips for eyes. When worn, it wraps up to the elbow of a medium sized humanoid. When attuned, the bearer will begin to drag out the “s” sounds in their sentences.


A small silver plated ring box whose lid is covered in tiny sapphire studs. The inside is covered in soft, deep blue velvet.


A set of silver, cat eye spectacles with emeralds set into the winged points.


A hollowed out acorn with a small diamond stuck in it. The acorn shell’s will not break while housing the diamond.


A sterling silver goblet that keeps any drink in it cool and refreshing.


A large bowl fashioned out of pale blue lapis lazuli. The rim of the bowl is etched with a smooth, flowing script spelling out prayers to the god of the sea.


A teacup painted with silver filigree designs that keeps any drink in it warm.


A small grey rock that will turn a metallic gold if dropped into a drink with any alcohol in it. The stone reverts to it’s normal grey color one minute after being removed from the liquid.


A pair of large, thick gold hoop earrings with small mouse skulls hanging from them.


A horn rimmed monocle mounted on a fine gold chain.


A gold bracelet, attached to four gold finger rings by little chains. It has a miniature lock with a tiny matching key, to attach it to the hand. Curiously it seems to automatically adapt to any female hand, wrist and fingers.


A silver decanter wrapped in linen cloth


A bundle of good quality bobcat pelts tied together with leather strips and wrapped in oilskin


A hand-sized, ivory figurine of a seated woman covered by her own hair. Female creatures capable of casting magical spells, find the carving strangely warm to the touch


A golden hair clip resembling a hummingbird in flight.


A golden hair clip in the shape of an eight-pointed star. It has four long wavy rays and four short ones.


A slim jeweled belt made of woven gold and covered in fine ruby chips.


A hand-sized ivory statuette of a man holding a sword. Male creatures capable of casting magical spells, find the carving strangely warm to the touch.


A pair of beautiful silver earrings that are mildly cursed. They cause the bearer to randomly hear malicious sounding whispering in a language they can’t understand.


A brass doorknob which creates an illusionary wooden door when attached to a wall by any means.


A tiny, delicate cherry wood box, stained a rich crimson. Finely engraved along the perimeter of the lid are various animals. The box is warm to the touch, but only ever so slightly warmer than body temperature. Once per week the box produces a small purple crystal. The crystal has no discernible purpose but if placed in the mouth it dissolves and produces a sweet, pleasant taste.


A gold music box that when wound, plays a love song


A bundle of good quality lynx pelts tied together with leather strips and wrapped in oilskin


A silver holy symbol that floats around it’s owner’s head in a orbiting circle. For some reason it makes it’s owner feel safe from hostile ghosts, although it offers no actual protection.


A Roll on "Random Colour Table" ceramic eyeball that floats around its owner at eye level and stares directly at whoever is closest to its owner.


A drinking cup that subtly changes color depending on the chemical compositions of its contents. With careful years of study, a person could craft a reference book and use the cup to identify all kinds of liquids… perhaps even poisons. Indeed, it’s possible that someone has already compiled such a book, but if they did it was separated from the cup long ago. The cup while always turn clear when containing pure water.


A broken platinum rod smeared with black ichor.


A skeleton key made from an intricately carved fish bone. The key has a 50% chance of successfully unlocking a standard lock. Delicate bone makes a terribly brittle material however and the key has a 25% chance of breaking apart after each attempted use.


A wooden case with a glass display containing a dozen superbly lifelike houseflies made of pure gold on a brown satin sheet.


A heavy glass bottle containing a viscous black fluid labeled “Blackfire Breath”. This alcoholic “drink” is 95% pure grain alcohol and the other 5% is the maker’s secret ingredient which compounds the effectiveness of the liquor tenfold. A single shot of this “beverage” is enough to place an adult man of particularly strong constitution in need of a cleric for healing and a normal man in need of a cleric for funeral rites. Extremely knowledgeably PC’s will know that the secret ingredient is the result of a complex distillation process, which uses the glands responsible for producing the potent acid of a black dragon’s breath weapon as its raw material.


A detailed decorative arrow made entirely of silver, including it’s head and fletching. Knowledgeable PC’s will recognize this as the second place trophy of the annual archery competition of a local city.


A sealed suitcase containing a mint condition, mink fur coat sized for an adult halfing or human child.


A bundle of good quality shark pelts tied together with dried seaweed and wrapped in oilskin


A circular silver medallion strung on a thick purple ribbon. The medal is plain except for a set of five interlocking circles underneath the word “2nd” which has all been etched into the silver. Knowledgeable PC’s will recognize this as the second place trophy of multi-planar sporting even that occurs every four years.


A crystal decanter wrapped in linen cloth


A gallon clay jug that holds a long-dead rabbit in aspic and stringent herbs under a thin layer of the creature’s own fat. If the jug is shattered, the creature lies still for a few seconds, before commencing to slowly crawl about, gasping and fluttering its hind legs. This pathetic minor undead cannot take commands or even defend itself, serving perhaps only as incriminating evidence or a minor diversion as it hops about in a random and energetic fashion before expiring after five minutes.


A large, handheld, silver ritual bell with a long wooden handle. Ritual bells are typically used for ceremonial purposes, often as a means of getting the attention of large audiences. The silver has been engraved with the words of the morning prayers of a particular religion, and is no doubt used to wake its adherents up at dawn.


A hollow silver tube, covered in intricate glyphs and small, flute-like keys


A silver censer, supported by a length of finely worked dark iron chain that seems to radiate black smoke when not looked at directly, but is inert upon closer inspection. Any incense burned in the censer is many times more pungent than it would be otherwise, and seems to cause momentary dizziness and disorientation to those who breath in the smoke.


A white handkerchief that is always pristine no matter what mess it’s used to clean up and will dry itself in a span of five minutes


A rare silver coin whose face shows an image of the legendary Knight King Rendal.


A rare gold coin whose face shows an image of the Allfather Lloyd and his white halo.


A platinum fragment engraved with incoherent labyrinths.


A heavy thimble made of pure gold


A beautiful hand fan of ceremonial bearing with a picture of a breathtaking mountainscape on a windy day. The image is magically animated and clouds, trees and snowdrifts continuously move


A thumb sized gem made of black opal. The pattern inside the gem resembles the night’s sky.


A strange coin, with one golden side, one silver side and a rim of copper.


A silver ewer wrapped in silk cloth


An expertly crafted helmet that has several small arms which hold various magnifying lenses near the bearer’s face. They’re kept in place by locking hinges and crude gyroscopes that compensate for normal head movements. Caps like this are commonly used by tinkers, jewelers, appraisers, and bankers. While worn, it provides advantage to the bearer when used to appraise the value of an item, when examining an item for defects or to identify a forgery.


A gold comb in the shape of a dragon set with red garnets as eyes


A bundle of good quality tiger pelts tied together with leather strips and wrapped in oilskin


A large ceramic jug containing a gold cup set with emeralds


Token of the Brash: A heavy gold coin from an unfamiliar civilization, depicting a harsh looking bearded man on one side and an odd coat of arms on the other. When on their person, the bearer will become harsh and uncouth in any conversation they participate in. They speak any rude thoughts that come to mind and will feel no remorse for their words as long as it’s kept on their person. The effect is noticeable to the bearer as well as any who listen to him. The effect ceases as soon as the coin is removed from the creature’s person or placed in a lead lined box.


Token of the Elated: A heavy silver coin from an unfamiliar civilization depicting a jovial bearded man on one side and a sunset etched on the other. When on their person, the bearer will become unceasingly happy. They will joke and make happy small talk to anyone that so much as looks their direction as long as the coin is kept on their person. The effect is noticeable to the bearer as well as any who listen to them. The effect ceases as soon as the coin is removed from the creature’s person or placed in a lead lined box.


A sleep mask made of a deep green silk. When worn, the bearer has dreams of a sexual nature about the last person they spoke to.


A plain looking copper coin with a small etching of a fish hidden among its other marking. It turns into a foul smelling rotten fish after spending five or more consecutive minutes touching at least four other coins of any denomination. It reverts back to being a coin if if goes without touching any other coins for one hour.


A brown leather bandolier holding seven silver bells with mahogany handles. The bandolier is custom made to keep the bells firmly in place, with internal flaps which keep the clappers from moving. The bells vary in size, starting with one the size of a small pill bottle and growing larger, till the seventh is almost the size of a jar. The wood and metal of the bells are etched with an ancient array of necromantic sigils known as Charter Marks. Knowledgeable PC’s will remember a set of stories involving an order of benevolent necromancers known as Abhorsen whose charge was to maintain the border between life and death. It was said that they channeled their magic though a set of bells, that when properly used by one powerful enough could grant the ringer complete master over life and death. It was also said that a single accidental note from the wrong bell could kill the wielder and everyone else within earshot. Either way these bells are either masterful reproductions of old stories or their magic has long since departed, as ringing the bells causes nothing but reminding the listener of their own mortality.


Love’s Labour’s Lost: A fairly plain looking gold coin with the head of a hansom male human on one side and a gorgeous female human on the other. The soft gold is somehow always completely free of scratches, dirt or grime no matter it’s treatment. Knowledgeable PC’s capable of identifying magical items, will be able to determine that the coin is actually a set of memories and emotions solidified into physical form by magic. A particularly perceptive PC using a powerful magnifying glass will notice that the rough, uneven edge of the coin is actually a series of storyboards scenes. The pictures describe the owner’s first meeting with his love and all their experiences both violent and loving, joyous and sorrowful up until the last time he saw her and was forced to leave her behind, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to wait for him. At the break where the storyboard ends and begins again is the figure eight symbol of infinity with a “V” in one circle and a “D” in the other. It’s likely that the owner’s grief drove him to have his feelings and memories of her forcibly removed so he would no longer hurt inside. However the owner was too sentimental to simply throw his feelings away and carries his love with him wherever he goes. Unbeknownst to the owner, the experiences can be returned to his mind simply by placing the coin in his mouth which causes the gold to dissolve and the memories to return in a rushing torrent of love and loss. The magic of the coin compels the owner to keep it in his possession and instill the feeling that the item is somehow important. The coin’s owner would rather die than lose it and would not doubt be extremely grateful for it’s safe return.