Valuables, 8 (d100)

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More useful than simple baubles touched mystery, these items have either a clear purpose, a reliable ability or are made from a fairly costly material. The items could fetch fair prices to collectors of the strange, jewelers, antique or art dealers or simply to barter with if the owner is short on actual currency.

d100 Result


A braided silver cord on which ten hexagonal gold coins are strung. Each coin has a square hole in its center which seems to be on purpose but is impossible to confirm, as the coins are minted with an unknown set of symbols and lettering.


A shiny platinum bangle inlaid with arcane runes that seem to each be written by a different hand.


Oil Of The Masters: A leather belt pouch containing five identical sealed glass vials, all filled with a gold-tinted oil that smells of wood shavings. When the contents of a vial is applied to the strings of a stringed instrument or the body of a woodwind, it improves the quality of the instrument’s sound. It takes one minute to apply the oil, after which time anyone playing the instrument gains advantage on the appropriate performance check.


Smoldering Lobes: A pair of gold earrings set with flame shaped rubies. The studs become intensely warm on the ears when the bearer’s given name is audibly spoken within 50 feet.


An ornate timepiece constructed from a combination of refined Gnomish tinkering and arcane magic. It accurately displays the current date and time regardless of the plane it is used on.


Jar of Jars: A completely ordinary looking mason jar with a lid that cannot be unsealed. When dashed upon the ground, this jar shatters into 33 identical (Though non-magical) jars.


An ornate brooch fashioned from exotic sapphires and crafted in the shape of the flesh-eating, skull-carapaced, scarab beetle.


Beans of Autocoquere: A small cloth drawstring bag containing 3d12 rotten-looking beans. If force fed to a dead animal, the corpse will briefly animate and use any means at hand to cook and make itself into a meal as if it had been prepared from start to finish by a team of master chefs.


A full sealed bottle of ancient elven wine, old by even the long lived elven standards. The family name and bottling date are still legible, it may have significant sentimental value to someone or monetary value to a collector.


A locket made of solid opal attached to an indestructible chain necklace. Attached to the inside of the locket is a bright pink-gold feather belonging to the Goddess of Birds.


A six inch silver fish hook encased in a clear glass cube. Knowledgeable PC’s will recognize this as the second place trophy of the annual fishing competition of a local port city.


A heavy coin with one gold side bearing a raised image of the sun and a silver side with a stamped symbol of the moon.


A bundle of satyr skins tied together with grapevines and wrapped in a protective oilskin case.


A single charred earring that when worn, allows the bearer to speak Ignan, the language of fire creatures, but only to say: “I don’t actually speak Ignan. I only know that sentence, and this one explaining it.” The bearer is not granted the ability to understand the language and doesn’t comprehend what they just said unless they are already fluent.


A leather wallet stamped with the twinned symbols of a folded letter and the king’s personal seal, that contains a full set of certified identification papers denoting that the bearer is a trusted and bonded courier of the local kingdom and is allowed to travel or pass anywhere in the realm in order to fulfill their delivery duties. The section containing the courier’s physical description (Height, weight, sex, race, eye, skin and hair colour) is completely blank and could be filled in by anyone with skilled handwriting.


A delicate, life sized, silver minnow that moves like a real fish. The minnow has a gold hook in its mouth and is strung on a fine chain and meant to be worn as a necklace.


A one foot square piece of white cloth that absorbs any material that stains it, becoming perfectly clean over the course of an hour.


A polished silver broach in the shape of a rose. The bearer can spend a moment in concentration to cause the broach to change into the shape of any flower he is familiar with.


Vase of Blooms: An exquisitely cut crystal vase whose facets sparkle with their own internal light. Flowers placed in this vase will bloom within one hour, if unopened, and will remain fresh and in full bloom for up to one week without water, light or any sort of care. After one week in the vase the flowers will wilt and decay at an accelerated rate.


A finely worked chalice of pure gold that bears the stamped symbol of a sun rising upon a blooming rose


An ornate silver flute that when played, creates illusory musical notes which dance to the music around the player. The visual quality and movement of the notes depend on the skill of the musician. A poor player with a shoddy or simple song produces small pitiful illusions that mope around, while a master musician playing an orchestral piece creates large vibrant illusionary notes that flow in tune with the melody.


A bundle of good quality, sleek fisher pelts tied together with silk and wrapped in a protective oilskin case.


Sustaining Spoon, Damaged: A silver spoon which can produce one bowl of a nourishing bland tasting broth per day when used to stir boiling water. The broth has enough nourishment to sustain an adult human for an entire day, however the creature still feels hunger pains as if they had not eaten or drank a thing. A creature could theoretically sustain themselves indefinitely by only eating the broth created by the spoon, however the hunger pains would continue to mount until the user feels the phantom pains of his digestive system consuming him alive, no doubt driving him insane. Knowledgeable PC’s will know that fully functioning Sustaining Spoons do not have the same problems with the phantom hunger pains and a creature could survive quite comfortable eating only the broth created by the object. It is rumored that some of these faulty spoons are created on purpose by ascetic monks wishing to experience hunger without actually starving themselves to death. Darker rumors still say that the source of these damaged spoons are tortures who leave their victims with one of these spoons and a bowl of boiling water per day. The victim feels themselves starving to death without any actual damage to their body, allowing their minds to be broken after months of constant excruciating pain, without risking the hostage’s physical health.


A wand composed of five sections; a short crystal, followed by a silver bar, then a black handle, followed by another silver bar, and ending with a long crystal. The wand is delicately engraved with images resembling a vine of thrones gently wrapping around the shaft. The implement isn’t currently charged with any magical power but could easily be enchanted.


A richly woven tapestry decorated with nautical patterns.


Ramble Rubble: A rough chunk of granite that was once part of a building’s foundation. If the object has been on a creature’s person (Held, carried, stowed in baggage or equipment, etc.) for longer than one minute it causes the bearer to compulsively trail off into different conversations whenever they speak. The effect is extremely noticeable to the bearer as well as any who listen to him. The effect ceases as soon as the stone is removed from the bearer’s person or it is placed in a lead lined container.


A varnished cherry wood chest containing a matching set of eight plain silver cups.


A 50 foot long coil of silken cable, intricately braided and tasseled.


Tarnished Treasure: A perpetually dirty copper coin that when rubbed, polishes all other exposed metal around it in a five foot radius. Any polishes or cleaning products applied to the coin are evenly distributed among the exposed metals within the radius.


A waterproof leather satchel containing a complete set of richly embroidered blue silk sleeping robes


A large sealed cylindrical case containing an elegant tapestry depicting an important historical event.


A black leather case containing a set of fine jewelcrafting tools.


Gravelly Tonic: A leather belt pouch containing five identical sealed glass vials, all filled with a sludgy tonic whose scent resembles the tang of iron shavings. If consumed, the drinker’s voice deepens and becomes more grating for 1d4 hours, granting advantage on intimidate checks.


A large sack containing an array of flags and banners once flown by nations now extinct.


An indestructible porcelain doll garbed in a beautiful ball gown.


A long spiraling antelope warhorn, polished and banded in silver.


The Cruel Art of Paper Folding: A small, cherry wood box carved with an ornate serpent dragon design. The box is filled with dozens of sheets of thin rice paper in Random Colours that can be easily folded into geometric or animal shapes. The inside of the lid has a few simple instructions printed on the wood. Animals sculpted by folding the paper becomes animated and shamble around as if in pain. The more complex and well folded the animal is the more animated it becomes. The sculptures will continue to shamble around until the paper becomes so damaged it falls apart. Knowledgeable PC’s will realize that the sheets were made from magically awakened, intelligent rice plants that were killed and harvested in their prime to create the paper.


A matching pair of crystal vases etched with scenes of dueling mages.


A trio of gold statuettes depicting three wise monkeys; their eyes are green tourmalines.


A delicate, almost translucent, greenish-white onyx bowl that will hold more liquid than its size suggests.


A grotesque-looking jade mask with large ears and mother of pearl eyes rimmed with obsidian.


Hair Clip Colorizer: A rainbow hued, glass hair clip in the shape of a blossoming flower. The bearer can change the colour of their hair at will, so long as they only choose unnatural colours based on their species (Humans for instance could choose blue, green, violet, etc.). The bearer can change parts or all of their hair to change colour and choose multiple different unnatural colours at once. The bearer can choose to return their hair to normal at any time and the effect fades instantly if the hair clip is removed.


A small, masterfully done painting in a gilded frame, depicting a giant’s castle in the clouds under attack from a flight of dragons.


A Roll on "Random Colour Table" vest made from a luxurious, silky material that always makes the bearer appear more fit and physically attractive. The clothing gently hugs the bearer, redistributing weight and muscle to flatter and accentuate their physique. It seems to deflate sadly once taken off.


Killing Jar: A clear glass quart-sized jar containing a single cotton ball, soaked in ether. Any creature that’s sealed in the jar instantly dies and stays perfectly preserved for as long as it remains in the jar, decaying normally if removed.


Mirror of Recent Past: A large hand mirror whose back and handle are made from a single piece of polished horn. A creature that looks upon their reflection sees the face of the last creature (Other than themselves) who gazed upon it.


Rings of Heckling. A pair of beaten iron rings with the symbol of a pair of mustachioed old men etched on the outer banding. When the rings are worn on the bearer’s middle fingers and the wearer’s hands are cupped to shout an insult, the sound of the yelling is multiplied by a factor of ten.


Tome of Origami Animals: A massive, metal-bound tome filled with thin pages of beaten copper, each of which is indented with arcane sigils indicating precise folding points for the creation of various origami creatures. When one or more pages are torn out and folded, the copper sheets magically shrink or expand to create a pleated origami approximation of the desired creature. Once created, each origami creature is animated with a semblance of life, and obeys the commands of its creator. The user can fold pages to craft a fantastic variety of creature ranging from as big as a large dog to as small as a mouse. The creatures are sturdy enough to move around and interact with some objects, but cannot fly, swim or fight. Crafting an origami animal requires both hands and 30 seconds of concentration. Each one lasts for one hour before crumbling into useless copper shards. The tome has 2d20+10 intact pages when found.


A single seashell earring that when worn, allows the bearer to speak Aquan, the language of water creatures, but only to say: "I don’t actually speak Aquan. I only know that sentence, and this one explaining it.” The bearer is not granted the ability to understand the language and doesn’t comprehend what they just said unless they are already fluent.


Wand of the Disgraced Conjurer: A well crafted elm wand can be used once per day to summon forth a blue rabbit that croaks like a frog, smells like a cat and is as intelligent as a well-trained dog. The creature will obey the summoner’s verbal instructions to the best of its limited ability (It cannot speak, attack or activate magic items) before disappearing after 10 minutes. If the creature takes any damage it instantly disappears and cannot be summoned for 24 hours.


Amulet of the Rabid: A necklace constructed from the small bones and sinew of a dog that died of rabies. The bearer of this amulet can choose to drool and froth as the mouth at will as if they were rabid. During combat, the bearer froths uncontrollably and cannot stop it until the fighting is over. Any creature who views the bearer while the amulet is functioning suspects they will become ill and die if scratched or bitten by the bearer and onlookers suffer disadvantage on any medicine checks to diagnose if the bearer truly has rabies or not. This effect does not impair the bearer’s ability to speak.


A leather wallet stamped with the symbol of a mage’s tower, that contains a full set of certified identification papers denoting that the bearer is a graduate and current member in good standing of a prestigious wizard’s college. The section containing the member’s physical description (Height, weight, sex, race, eye, skin and hair colour) is completely blank and could be filled in by anyone with skilled handwriting.


An exquisite but clearly damaged longsword, bearing a deep blue sapphire nestled in a gleaming silver pommel. A slender blade that shoots from the golden-outlined cross-guard is broken in half, the breaking-point resembles shattered glass. The edge is cold to the touch and a faint, thin mist surrounds it at all times.


Locket of Instant Moustache: A mustache shaped locked made of brushed brass. When opened, the bearer (Male or female) instantly grows a full thick mustache. When the locket is closed or if it leaves the bearer’s possession, the mustache immediately evaporates. The locket only grows one specific style of mustache at a time, however a bearer can change the design of the facial hair to any natural style capable of being grown in under a year, by means of a one hour ritual during which time they concentrate and hold the locket.


Tome of Insults: A small, indestructible paperback book that fits into most pockets and can be easily manipulated in one hand. It is filled to the brim with insults, jabs, and jokes at the expense of the person, creature, or god that the reader wishes to mock. A viewer can see the book instantly rewrite itself when the bearer starts to insult a new target, filling itself with new material. The bearer of this book will always have access to a fresh nasty retort or brand new line of verbal abuse and the book’s scorns have a way of way of finding the target’s soft spots. Knowledgeable PC’s will have heard that this book is believed to have been created by a trickster god who was attempting to get under the skin of his far more serious brother.


A bundle of good quality, glossy silver fox pelts tied together with silk and wrapped in a protective oilskin case.


A long rod of obsidian from which grinning sickle moons leer in constantly shifting patterns. It’s topped with a spray of silver feathers and a blue gem the size of a human eye.


A set of silver and gold bagpipes with ruby trim that when played, in addition to sounding perfectly on key and smooth, emits a fragrant smell that makes those around you calm and relaxed.


Babble Stone: A smooth gray river stone. If the object has been on a creature’s person (Held, carried, stowed in baggage or equipment, etc.) for longer than one minute it causes all of the bearer’s speech to become incomprehensible gibberish. The effect is extremely noticeable to the bearer as well as any who listen to him. The effect ceases as soon as the stone is removed from the bearer’s person or it is placed in a lead lined container.


Bauble of Gnome-Peeping: A crystal scrying ball whose divination magic is inexplicably linked to a specific gnome in the world. When the command word is spoken, the crystal shows a third-person view and muffled audio of that gnome. Should the gnome ever die, the bauble randomly selects a new gnome in the world. The crystal can be used as often as desired although many creatures regard its use to be an invasion of privacy.


Fork of Greater Poultry: A four pronged, steel fork that causes anything eaten with it to taste like chicken.


Periapt of Proof Against the Flesh: A small pendant made of a dull gray river stone in a cheap tin setting, strung on a braided hemp string. This periapt protects the bearer from the worldly desires of the flesh. While it’s worn, food and drink taste bland, the bearer’s sense of smell is dulled, voices and music become monotone, he can only see in black and white and the bearer becomes sexually apathetic. The pendant must be worn for one hour before it’s effects take hold and continue for one minute after it is removed. Knowledgeable PC’s will know that objects like these were crafted by an order of monks to aid their weaker willed members to resist the sins of the flesh when forced to travel in villages or large cities where temptations abound.


Mirror of Recollection: An ornate hand mirror detailed in gold. While holding it, the bearer may focus on a creature’s name that they have personally met. An image of what that creature looked like when the bearer first met them will appear on the mirror.


Father Gregor’s Spoon: A spoon made from a dried gourd that is carved with the emblem of a baobab tree. Knowledgeable PC’s will recognize the mark as the personal seal of wise monk and master gourd carver Father Gregor. Any liquid sipped from this spoon will tasted as if it was sweetened with honey.


A Dragon’s Delicate Diet: A fist-sized kidney stone that was passed by a dragon of delicate disposition. When held over a meal, the stone will weep a thick fluid if the food contains ingredients that may cause the bearer digestive distress. This only recognizes ingredients that the bearer is allergic or intolerant to and does not detect most poisons or toxins.


Vest of Many Pockets: A canvas vest in a style typically worn by sport fishermen, that bears ten magical pockets. An item placed into a pocket will take up the expected amount of space in the pocket, but from the outside will appear flat as if empty. The pockets do not change or negate the weight of the objects placed within them. Each pocket can hold material equal to the size of a human fist.


A single feathered earring that when worn, allows the bearer to speak Auran, the language of air creatures, but only to say: "I don’t actually speak Auran. I only know that sentence, and this one explaining it.” The bearer is not granted the ability to understand the language and doesn’t comprehend what they just said unless they are already fluent.


Fauna Harp. A magical rosewood handheld harp that when played by a skilled musician, compels neutral or friendly animals to follow the bearer as long as they keep playing. The harp otherwise does not alter the thought process of the animals, nor can it compel them to ignore basic survival instincts such as hunger, thirst or danger.


Rebel Pebble: A smooth gray river stone flecked with bloodstone. If the object has been on a creature’s person (Held, carried, stowed in baggage or equipment, etc.) for longer than one minute it causes all of the bearer’s speech to become defensive and antagonistic. The effect is extremely noticeable to the bearer as well as any who listen to him. The effect ceases as soon as the stone is removed from the bearer’s person or it is placed in a lead lined container.


An old scroll in a weathered scrollcase containing a proclamation is nearly 300 years old. It lays out King Haroldus’s case for calling to action the Fourth Hunting of the Dwarves. There was only one other known copy of this proclamation that has survived the years, and Knowledgeable PC’s will know that it was stolen from the library it had been held in a few years ago. The roll of parchment is still intact and would fetch a good price from the right buyer.


Double-Ended Stirring Spoon: A large silver utensil that has two spoon ends on either side. One end is for stirring, the other for un-stirring. This can come in handy for those times when the bearer puts sugar in their tea but then changes their mind. Or for any number of more important, useful or practical situations.


A magical pearl the size of an eyeball that swirls with red and black veins and emits a small aura of soul-numbing depression.


A gem-encrusted, silver chalice filled with the remains of burnt blood and cinder ash. The object was obviously part of some unholy ritual sacrifice.


A bundle of heavy dire wolf pelts tied together with leather straps and wrapped in a protective oilskin case.


A wide mouthed silver cup with a short stem and a wide base to keep it stable. The stem is fashioned to look like a horned fiend bent over as if shouldering the bowl on its back. It has a tail that winds around its leg except for a sharp point that always seems to catch the skin of those who handle it. The bowl itself is fine, but otherwise ordinary in appearance, being silver with faint whorls engraved on its surface. Its true character is revealed when filled with blood. Doing so causes the chalice to lose its polished appearance and assume a dark and dull cast. Symbols of the God of Blood flare to life with red light on the outside of the cup, growing warm to the touch, while the blood bubbles, issuing the foul stink of death.


A quartz fountain pen that can never write a lie.


A leather wallet stamped with the symbol of a pair of manacles, that contains a full set of certified identification papers denoting that the bearer is a licensed bounty hunter, fugitive recovery agent, marshal, court bailiff or warrant officer (DM’s discretion) of the local kingdom. The papers allow the bearer to legally pursue criminals across multiple jurisdictions, enter homes and buildings where their quarry is hiding and to kill wanted criminals if they believe their own life or that of an innocent civilian to be endangered. In return, the bounty hunter must present these papers to any legitimate legal authority who requests them and must turn over any caught criminals to said authority in return for monetary compensation or other similar rewards. The section containing the bounty hunter’s physical description (Height, weight, sex, race, eye, skin and hair colour) is completely blank and could be filled in by anyone with skilled handwriting.


Burning Curiosity: A perfectly round, wooden orb patterned with a single eye. It is strangely warm to the touch, and the eye seems to peer into the bearer’ soul with its unsettling gaze. When tossed into a fire, the orb will whisper a single secret into the ear of whoever tossed it into the fire. The creature seeking knowledge can ask for any secret that has been told to a Burning Curiosity before. However, they must give a secret of their own in exchange before the object imparts its knowledge. Once the exchange has been made, the orb teleports itself to the lair of the God of Secrets and cannot be used again, and the offered secret becomes known to all other Burning Curiosities. The importance of the secret told to the object directly relates to the importance to the importance of the secrete the bearer receives. What secrets the Burning Curiosity already knows are up to the GM’s discretion.


A single onyx earring that when worn, allows the bearer to speak Terran, the language of earth creatures, but only to say: "I don’t actually speak Terran. I only know that sentence, and this one explaining it.” The bearer is not granted the ability to understand the language and doesn’t comprehend what they just said unless they are already fluent.


A tiny jade model in the shape of a narrow sailboat. The model is small enough to snugly tit into a person’s hand, and is as light as a feather. The rainbow of green hues that make up the hull of the small boat constantly changed as light and shadow dance upon it. The jade is well polished and with extraordinary color. The ramp of the boat is made from shining gold and the same bright metal also enhanced several parts of the ship’s hull. The model’s sails are fashioned from the lightest and finest silk of a translucent gray-green shade, these sails fluttered constantly, as if wind eternally fueled them.


A pair of beautiful, angel wings, each the length of a grown man’s arm. Close inspection reveals that the stubs have been roughly hacked and seemingly cauterized. They still twitch as if they were just removed seconds ago.


A large gemstone, seemingly an amethyst that sits in a gilt frame of platinum and sparkles in the light. Carved in its setting are images of demonic women seducing mortal men. When held in the hand, worn about the neck, or pinned to the bearer’s garb, this gemstone pulses with a pinkish hue.


An elaborately scrimshawed dragon’s claw the length of a grown man’s arm.


Conqueror’s Tapestry: A beautifully embroidered tapestry bears depictions of all the bearer’s greatest victories. The morning after a battle, the bearer will wake to find his latest exploits delicately picked out in finest silk thread. The banner’s form automatically changes to allow itself to be displayed as best as possible, whether it’s flying as a flag or a banner or hung on a wall.


A heavy golden grail with a wide base, narrow stem, and flaring cup. When filled with holy water, the fluid resembles sunlight in liquid form. When a creature looks into the chalice’s fathomless depths, he will see silent images of his past and future mirrored there, playing out before him. Like the goblet’s contents, the future is fluid and the images shown are simply possibilities of what may come.


A set of a dozen skeleton keys that make unsettling noises when they jingle together.


A deep green block of jade that has been carved into the shape of a leatherback turtle. The foot-long carving is of good quality and would have value to the right collector.


A three-foot-long ivory scepter topped with a dark globe of polished marble the size of a fist, nestled on the backs of three golden eagles.


A small, silver, telescoping spyglass marked with ornate numerals. The body is lightly worn with occasional bumps and a light patina. The lenses seem clean and scratch free despite the apparent age.


An illustrious silver whistle that’s covered with delicate etchings that form a beautiful swirling pattern. The surface within is covered with hundreds of tiny gemstones. Holding the whistle’s slit at the right angle, the hollow center seems to be filled with colourful glitter.


Tina’s Gloves: A well-crafted pair of six button, silk-lined white leather gloves, which always remain impeccably clean. When worn, they are skin tight and comfortable. Any missing digits are unnoticeable while wearing the gloves, as the fingers of the gloves will fill out and respond as if the fingers were still there (Even if all five are missing) but provide no tactile feedback to the bearer.


Handyman’s Gloves: A pair of worn, brown leather work gloves whose material seems strangely firm. If the bearer speaks the command word while gripping an object, the gloves freeze in place. The bearer is then able to easily slide their hands out of the gloves leaving them in place applying the same amount of pressure and force as if the bearer was still wearing them. The gloves continue to hold their positions until a creature speaks a separate command word. There is a separate pair of command words for each glove and both are stitched into the cuffs.


Handy Handkerchief: A silk handkerchief of a bright Roll on "Bright Colour Table", that remains magically clean no matter what filth is wiped upon it and can instantly stifle a sneeze without fail. It is still only as effective as a regular handkerchief in regard to cleaning ability.


Circlet of Solitude: A silver circlet that, when worn willingly, makes the bearer unable to detect any other living or intelligent creatures (At the bearer’s discretion they can choose to detect plant life or not) in their surroundings, the bearer is rendered unable to see, hear, smell, touch, taste, or sense them telepathically in any way. The bearer can activate or suppress this ability instantaneously and at will as long as the circlet is worn. Knowledgeable PC’s will know that the original enchantment was created by an order of monks who all wore a circlet in order to perfect their lives of solitude. Unfortunately the order of monks died out due to their inability to realize that new recruits wanted to join their order. Nowadays it is commonly used by those in large cities who wish for peace and quiet or by nervous public speakers who find it easier to address empty rooms than filled ones. —Note: The circlet replaces the lost sensations with new ones based more on the bearer’s personality than its own internal magic. While wearing the circlet in a crowded market for example, a bearer might see a completely still environment and not detect the nonliving clothes the shoppers are wearing or see their interactions with the good in the stalls, while another might see sets of clothes worn by invisible people and good floating around as the shoppers pick them up. The circlet shows the bearer as little as they want to and replaces background images with plausible hallucinations. For example if the bearer choose to wear the circlet in order to “see” through a crowded market he only see what he wanted to or what he already thought was there, such as more market stalls.


Protean Coin: A small belt pouch containing 1d3+3 completely normal looking gold coins. Extremely close inspection shows that all of the coins have the exact same minting date (Including the hour) etched into them and one of the coins has the letters “D.A.” etched next to the date. A creature holding the coin etched with “D.A.” can change the date of all of the coins to whatever date and hour he chooses. Knowledgeable PC’s will recognize these coins as relics of a school of mages. They were originally used by a small group of student wizards who referred to themselves as the “Defense Association” and who practiced forbidden battle magics in secret from their professors. The leader of the D.A. possessed the master coin and used it to signal his “army” to assemble at a predetermined location at times indicated on the coins rather than trusting a fallible system of written messages or word of mouth. If caught this coin virtually unrecognizable from a mundane one and doesn’t detect as magical making it a useful and discrete message system. Dozens of these coins were made and it is unknown where the others are. Changing the dates on the coins often may alert other owners that the master coin has been found again.


Boreal Bearings: A small thick pouch containing 1d4+1 silver ball bearings the size of large marbles that give off a constant aura of cold, equal to a piece of ice the same size. They are not harmful to flesh to cause injury, but quite uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time and a nightmare to experience if swallowed. They are commonly used to cool drinks, placed within pockets of clothing to function as a self-cooling method or stored inside pack containing interior of packs containing perishables.


Ring of the Eye: A polished brass ring bearing closed eyelid design. While worn, the bearer can choose to close both eyes in order to open the ring’s eyelid, revealing a small pearl decorated with the image of an iris and pupil. The bearer can see from the viewpoint of the ring for as long as they keep their own eyes closed, allowing the bearer to safely peer around corners by using one hand rather than their whole head.


A monocle with a magnifying glass lens rimmed with gold, set with a fine gold chain that attaches to an ear clip.


Lozenge Of The Songbird: A small Roll on "Bright Colour Table" tin case in a the shape of bird in flight. It contains five honey-coated candies made of soothing reagents. The mixture of alchemical ingredients and herbal extracts relax the user’s throat and coats it in a protective layer layer, clearing away mucous and accentuating the natural vibrations of the voice box. If consumed, it takes one round to begin working, then grants a advantage on all performance checks relating to orating, singing, storytelling or other vocal display (DM’s discretion) for 1d4 hours.


A well-made wooden puzzle box the size of two fists, covered with numerous tiny drawers. Only two of the drawers will open, but by manipulating those two drawers and sliding other cleverly hidden sections of wood, eventually the bearer may figure out how to open all the drawers. It may take some time but an Intelligent PC can uncover the box’s secrets and open one of the three main chambers with an hour of dedicated effort. After a creature learns how to open one side they can repeat the process in a manner of seconds or attempt to another section. The box contains three separate inner receptacles. The first holds a Random Ring, the second contains a Random Necklace and a Random Sealed Glass Vial (See notes for physical descriptions) is stored in the third. The bearer can store similar sized objects in the chambers if the original items are removed. ---Note: Random Ring = Roll on "All Rings". Random Necklace = Roll on "All Necklaces". Random Sealed Glass Vial = Roll on "All Sealed Glass Vials".