Pickpocketing Table (2d92)

2d92 You pickpocketed...


A golden key with a heart shaped base worth 30gp


An obsidian charm of a Resolve: {cat|dog|hawk|unicorn|goat|snake|devil} that gives off a strange warmth.


A Resolve: {potion of healing|potion of climbing|vial of acid|vial of poison}


A drawing of one of the PCs holding hands with the artist and hearts drawn around them both


A live snake (Roll a DC 10 Dex save to not get bitten on hit take Roll 1d4+1 damage and the victim becomes aware of your pickpocketing attempt)


Pocket sand.


5 cp about 5 inches of fine wire pink rose pebble 10 inches of string and needle


a leather bag full of seeds


a paper with the last thing a PC did or said to the NPC written on it


A strange cube with buttons on it and cogs


A roughly scribbled map on a piece of parchment folded up three times


A feather


Shimmering dust in a vial which after some investigation appears to be the remains of a will o wisp


An old love letter neatly but repeated folded and worn from age.


A small simple pen knife. The handle is old and the wood is worn so that the maker's mark is no longer visible.


A poorly made rope doll with button eyes and frayed yellow cloth for hair.


A tiny nugget of fool's gold worthless.


An empty tinder box the insides are scortched black.


A sky blue baby's bow.


A folded piece of parchment warning citizens of pick pockets.


A coin purse with a message in thieves cant. The message warns the thief to return the purse or else.


An invitation to join the local thieves guild.


Used handkerchief.


A bottle cork with a small blue star inked on the bottom.


A gold coin hidden in a loaf of bread.


Cold spaghetti and meatballs. Just put straight in the pocket.


Some crumpled handwritten receipts for goods and small change


A spare pair of clean but clearly old underwear. Turns out the pocket owner has incontinence and brings backups for accidents.


A magical anti-pickpocket snaptrap. It snaps on the thief's fingers loudly and painfully with needle-like teeth and turns the thief's hand bright purple as though indelibly dyed.


A half-eaten bread snack wrapped in leaves.


A wrapped sandwich.


A book


A "Pocket" dimension the size of a pocket.


A key to a secret lockbox kept under the NPC's bed.


A small knife in a deerskin wrap. The handle has another NPC's name carved on it surrounded by little hearts.


A sealed scroll. Depicts an expertly drawn image of a rude gesture captioned by the words "Fuck you buddy." The text is magical and can be read in any language so the scroll detects as magic before you open it.


A half eaten ham sandwich.


The perfect skipping stone.


A big turkey leg like the size of a large man's hand.


A tiny violin


Auto-high rolling dice


A closed thimble filled with cabbage soup


A small malleable ball of fluorescent green... something. Aside from molding it with your hands you can exert your will onto it to make finer shapes.


A handkerchief heavily used.


A small pouch of nuts and dried meats.


A vial containing something resembling soot. If identified it is revealed to be a vial of ashes.


A small hoard of sheets of paper all seemingly collected from the corners of posted notices; none are larger than a square inch.


Just a few clods of dirt and some pebbles.


A single metal needle bent into a perfect circle.


A wax seal of a prominent noble in the land who has recently gone missing.


A scrap of paper with a script that you can't read (PC doesn't know it is written in illusory script).


A charm of obsidian antlers on a broken chain.


A couple of pieces of chalk.


A crumpled note that is damaged beyond legibility.


A scrap of parchment that has a map drawn on it. It seems to be of streets in a city but you can’t tell where.


34 silver coins in a felt-lined purse that has been silenced so the coins don't clink within it.


A treasure map


A love letter to the PC's mother a scroll that reads "I have prepared explosive runes." and a scroll that reads "If you're reading this I'm right behind you."


A popular novel published recently with an elven-made bookmark stuck inside.


A very small spellbook containing 3 cantrips and 2 first-level spells. There are also notes about the location of dungeons and the layout of magical ley lines in the area.


A cracked or flawed ioun stone in a felt-lined box.


An enchanted 10 foot pole that somehow fits in any ordinary pocket.


A half eaten piece of jerky


A folded note that reads "come to (x place) at dusk thursday night or you'll never see her again. come alone and bring the money. Or else."


A broken pocket watch.


A canine tooth with a tiny metal dogtag next to it. It only has a very tiny paw print carved onto it.


An envelope with money and a small letter apologizing for the small amount promising not to spend any on food next time so the kids will have more


An old tarnished wedding ring obviously not worn in a while


A collector's set of very tiny letter openers


Very large clumps of tangled hair tied tightly together holding a robin's egg inside.


A one year sober chip


Hedgehog in the cage made out of spruce wood.


A certificate of adoption for a boy at a local orphanage


A letter to a loved one promising them they will see them soon after nearly a decade apart


Just a regular silver coin. There is nothing special about it. Nothing really.


A wooden box filled with polished copper coins


An advertisement for the local tavern


A small loaf of bread filled with a spicy pepper sauce.


A small wooden figurine carved into the shape of an owlbear.


A well made doll. Odd... it looks like one of the players...


flask of booze pocket knife piece of smoked fish


5sp vial of foul smelling liquid and intricately decorated dagger


Some traveler's rations a waterskin 5 gold and a traveler's any-tool.A flask with incredibly potent alcohol and a note from a family member.


A couple buttons and a sewing needle.


A comb and a small tin full some type of wax.


An empty vial with a cork and paper with scientific stuff written on it.


An old-fashioned hoop of keys with 24 numbered keys on it; a box of chewing tobbacco.


A small coin purse that's bigger on the inside-- it's a tiny handy haversack that has a mouth width of just 3in. Inside is the kind of detritus you'd find in a woman's purse: Half-used lipstick old receipts a small hand mirror a pillbox (4 unidentified white pills) a crushed box of breath mints and an clean unused sanitary napkin. The only thing worth money is a single ruby stud earring worth 30gp.


A pilgrim's badge in the shape of a fish a small prayer book and a token from a nearby brothel.


A small notebook filled with outlandish conspiracy theories written in a small cramped style. Most of the theories have to do with the government being controlled by lizardmen though some of the entries have to do with banking fraud that actually makes sense the more you think about it.


A locket with the picture of a random (married) nobleman/woman 1gp and a foil packet with a circular bulge in it.


10 cp and a drawing of one of the players with a red X across his/her face


An empty pouch and a holy symbol of a random religion


5cp and weird foreign currency with a value of about 1 gold if the players find a merchant that recognizes the coins


A letter announcing the death of a soldier in a distant war and a locket with a gold dragon scale inside.


A necklace with a broken chain a monocle with a cracked lens and a corkscrew.


A half used candle a seal (think imperial seal) and a quill.


A bag of nails a vial of paste and a piece of measuring tape.


1cp 3 smooth rocks and a postcard from their mother asking them to come home.


A plump purse containing 10d10 gold 10d10 silver and 10d10 copper several different types of identification and travel cards and ready-to-be-used bank drafts in the purse owner's name. The drafts are very soon reported stolen by the owner or their relatives. Attempting to use the bankdrafts at the corresponding bank to withdraw money will result in the PC's arrest if they cannot convince the bank guards that they are a merchant duped into taking a stolen draft.


A jade amulet representing a coiled snake. Half of a copper key.


A pouch containing 1gp 5sp and a parchment with a detailed sketch of a child and a poorly drawn dog? Cat? smiling next to it with 'daddy'/'mummy' scribbled under it.


A folded up stack of papers. The top one is a shopping list the others are just sheets of really bad love poems. Like really bad. You kinda feel bad for the guy.


Several minor items touched by or discarded by the PC with the highest charisma such as a napkin or spoon that PC used at the last tavern a sock with holes they tossed a spent vial from a potion they drunk etc.


Several different types of minor lucky charms collected from churches shrines and traveling clerics.


Bits and bobs from several different kits such as lockpicks a tinderbox a pouch of ball bearings a roll of twine perfume sealing wax a bottle of fine ink and an incense block.


Several bags of different strong drugs and narcotics and a collapsible set of scales.


Advertisements for local attractions and restaurants a compass travel notes identification papers several local trinkets and foreign paper currency you do not recognize.


A number of purses already emptied of everything valuable.


A handful of very hot fresh peppers a small bottle of eyes-burning-from-the-smell-alone wretchedly spicy but delicious hot sauce (which will cause vomiting and incapacitate the non-spice tolerant) and a small vial of offwhite crystals marked as a lethal substance (very pure capsaicin).


A talisman made of a dozen dried ears from different sentient humanoids threaded on a string. Several lollipops of varying flavors.


A single shoe in their back left pants pocket. A glove in their right front pants pocket. There is sausages in the fingers of the gloves. They are smoked and will keep for several days. The shoe is filled with dried fruits.


A single stone (of farspeech) and a set of sapphire earrings worth 50gp


A wrapped bar of chocolate a handkerchief and a vial of white viscous liquid.


Brass knuckles a wooden bar that looks as though it has been gnawed on a small hooked knife a key and a potato sack.


A small pile of flax seeds a partially burned children's toy and a drawing of a ball with notes on construction and dimensions.


A mummified toe an empty salt cellar and some spilled salt.


New lock four loose keys and someone else's journal.


A small metal object of obvious craftsmanship with no immediately apparent use. It's a decorated circle with a couple of prongs sticking out one side and handful of marbles.


A yo-yo a child's spinning top a doll's head and a small wooden figurine of a horse.


A clod of dirt containing half-a-dozen large earthworms. Your target was either planning to go fishing or has exotic taste in snack foods.


8 toffees 6 wrappers a clean silk handkerchief lip wax a tiny empty clay pot which probably held some medicinal substance 4 silver 30 copper.


A miniature flail with five heads that you can only wield with two fingers a nickel token with the image of a mouse a braid of blond human hair and a purse with wheat markings containing 7 gold 17 silver 26 copper.


An elegant drawstring charm bag that can be worn around the neck with a wooden charm embedded with a black onyx acting as the drawstring stopper. The bag contains a murex shell from a sea far away. A tin of very strong nasal-clearing throat lozenges. A plain snapbag with 56 silver and 31 copper.


A corkscrew 7 corks an eye patch 2 playing cards 23 gold 2 copper.


A spyglass set with magic lenses that magnify very small things a small corked bottle of pond scum and a box of glass slides with fine cuts of preserved tissue.


Housecat jerky 4 topaz a raw chunk of limonite an ingot of bismuth and a masterwork beer stein. The craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encircled with bands of bronze and dog leather studded with red spinel and menaces with spikes of turtle shell and howlite. On the beer stein are images of unicorns prancing among slain goblins in enamel.


82 conkers than smell faintly of vinegar an awl and a ball of twine. Every pocket is packed full.


A pair of thin leather gloves a bottle of sovereign glue and universal solvent. A tiny skull carved from rose quartz and 1 gold.


A pair of dragon-hide gloves a pot of vivid blue warpaint a tin containing a soaplike lozenge smelling slightly of sandalwood and spices labelled as an antiperspirant. No money or wallet.


A pair of thin women's gloves an ordinary peach pit a bag of metallic glitter and a magnifying glass. A rose-colored purse with 13 gold coins and a small mirror.


A tea egg a tin of exotic black tea and a tiny tin with condensed milk. 50 silver coins cleverly wrapped in leaves instead of the usual paper.


A paper fan a taxidermied bat stuffed with nice-smelling herbs several large orange pearls that have fallen off a necklace lint a receipt for soap and rat poison and an old grocery shopping list. 8 copper.


503 copper within a sock that had been stuffed inside another sock. The sock is heavily crusted with blood. A tiny clasp knife not useful for combat but convenient for small tasks. 2 humanoid teeth. 6 tickets for an underground bear fighting ring.


6 losing betting tickets for a terrier ratkilling arena. A 3 month-old stub for an enter-to-win sweepstakes that ended 2 months ago. 15 losing betting tickets for gladiator matches. 1 ticket for a fishing challenge. 26 losing tickets for a local lottery accumulated over the last 3 months. An expensive receipt for a local restaurant that shows the pocket owner entered and lost in an eating contest. 13 losing stubs for a cockfighting arena. 2 losing betting tickets for chariot races. 1 copper.


3 tangerines 1 plum 2 small bananas a bunch of champagne grapes a pomegranate an apple and 6 dates spread across various pockets.


One and a half pounds of smokey jerky made from an ancient dragon's tongue. A 4 inch plain pocket pen carved from giant's tooth enamel tipped with a gold-vanadium nib and silver cap. A non-descript bottle of pen ink from a kraken behemoth that has never seen sunlight. 3 electrum coins from an ancient civilization in a small tarrasque-skin wallet. An adamantium sewing needle 2 inches long. 8 six-foot-long hairs from an archangel. A small platinum thimble. An ordinary set of reading glasses made with very thin mithral frames and beholder small-eye lenses. An entirely spent yew-wood wand that held some variety of seventh level spell before it was used up.


A large vial of human blood a handmirror backed with aluminium rather than silver 3 silver arrowheads and a leather bag containing a long fang and tuft of black fur from an unknown creature.


An exotic perfume a sachet of quick dissolving powder that induces forgetfulness a receipt from a local tavern. 6 gold 1 silver 1 copper no purse.


30 milk teeth from many different humanoid children which have naturally fallen out. 18 silver coins which are especially new shiny and beautiful. Traces of dust of fae origin on the inside of the pocket.


5 different pocket knives of various designs 12 throwing stars 4 throwing knives and a garrote.


Several vials of holy water powdered silver salt a crystal prism and a rosary of agate beads.


A red checker that has been rubbed smooth one black knight from a chess set and a six-sided die that seems to land on six more often than it should.


A collection of WANTED posters each with the face of the owner of these pockets. Aside from that you can find one copper piece hidden in the folding of the breast pocket.


A 4 silver pieces brass knuckles and a voucher for a free meal at the local tavern.


2 cp a wooden carving of a duck and a compass wrapped in velvet bag.


4 cp 2sp and a locket with a picture of the NPC's spouse inside.


A dagger and a note instructing the NPC to assassinate a prominent person.


A bronze star for honor a note from a soldier in the same squad as the NPC and a pocketknife.


Entry ticket to a poker tournament a cheat sheet for poker and four aces.


A wooden pipe that never needs to be relit flask that never empties and a glass eye that blinks.


Piece of a twig a river stone feather/tooth/egg of a rare magical creature.


A hat that acts like a bag of holding within it are dice with no pips blank playing cards and a handkerchief that teleports small items back into the hat when covered.


A vial of blood with a mysterious symbol on it a small pouch of dirt that has flecks of sparkling crystal in it and part of a root from a rare tree.


An invisible object wrapped in cloth a silver ring with hearts engraved along the outside and a handful of poppies that never wilt.


A piece of parchment labeled "Map" with a "X" on it but no other markings a compass with no needle a key missing it's blade.


A folded piece of leather containing several pieces of blank parchment (A wallet with a checkbook


An Aegis of Recovery; the NPC is unaware of its purpose/doesn't know it has to be worn to work


A diary/journal that goes in detail about the NPC's life. Further inspection reveals that there is one or two minor magic scrolls between some of the pages.


A bag of various gems and jewelry equal to about 300 gold.


A key with no information of what it is used for. Turns out to be a key stolen from a guard that opens the keep.


A golden ring worth 100gp and a note 'today's the day!'


A few small pieces of wood made to look like silver coins (same shape size markings) among some actual silver pieces.


A fishing hook roll a DC 20 dex save to not have your fingers on it and yell out in pain with your hand still in the pocket.


A small masterwork hammer with a lightly glowing aquamarine gem embedded in the pommel.


The transcript of an ancient prophecy describing a heroic person looking a lot like one of the players.


A brass signet ring given to members of a guild or cult. There is an engraving on the inside that says "Don't be a jerk " in dwarvish.


Nothing. The pockets open to bare skin.


Warrant for Arrest: The warrant depicts an illustration of they who fell the villager with a DEAD OR ALIVE bounty of 500gp.


‎Keyring of Tools: This savvy farmer had a wizard shrink each of his farming tools (shovel hoe scythe axe plough pitchfork and rake) to the size of keys for easy transportation. Whenever he needed them he simply popped them off the magical ring.


‎Coin Pouch Empath: A peculiar thing of leather and string the coin pouch empath is sad and forlorned when empty but overjoyed and greedy when full. These emotions pour into who so ever carries it.


‎Take Me Back to Sea Shell: Seemingly innocent pocket fodder of the nostalgic seaman this shell carries within it the sound of the nearest sea including lively docks bustling markets all of sea-kind and intelligent voices. More time spent listening delivers greater insight into actual discussions known creature calls and suggestions of tide and weather– but beware some Take Me Back shells are known to maintain a feisty crab!


‎Anti-Theft Stitching: Those quick to trifle will find their wrists stitched in this anti-theft pocket lining! The leather sack wraps tightly around the wrist with magical strength rendering the hand useless like that in a bag. The pocket bag can only be opened by command of the pocket's owner or the tailor who set the trap. The leather is not so sure to be easily removed– the trap tightens at the wrist with any attempt.


A curious knife in the shape of a skeletal dragon with 3 different folding blades that also doubles as brass knuckles. Looks impractical and made of cheap metal. (Treat as a -1 knife which deals any damage randomly between the target and the user's hand. No proficiencies apply to this weapon.)


A small bone knife carved with runes and pulsing faintly with magic this hobgoblin good luck charm allows one to reroll an attack roll or any skill check involving a melee or ranged weapon once per day.


A palm-sized brass coin from a distant Fire Giant city. This Giant coin is equal to Roll 1d4+1 Gold Pieces if you can find a money changer who will accept it.


A shimmering ballgown of spun moonlight which fits within a single thimble found within a thimble. The ballgown is ... very see through but can be worn over another nice dress of plain material to good effect.


A piece of chalk and a ripped parchment with Infernal runes and part of a magic circle drawn on it.


a crystal eye always warm


A gem worth Roll 2d20gp


A gem worth Roll 3d20gp


A diamond woth Roll 4d20+10gp


A diamond woth Roll 4d20+10gp