Trinkets and Treasures of the Bucket Fountain of Doom (d100)

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These oddities were contributed by the audience at D&D Live: The Bucket Fountain of Doom, an event held at BATS Theatre in Wellington New Zealand on December 7, 2018.

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d100 Result


A euphonium.


A small metal cylinder with a screw top.


A lucky paw from Mittens the cat.


A piping bag, as could be used for decorating cakes.


A small wooden carving of David Hasselhoff’s face.


A bag of assorted loose teeth.


A silver locket with a portrait of a young woman inside.


A small book called “How to speak basic German”.


The eye of a beholder in a pickle jar that occasionally blinks when looked at.


An old knuckle bone that rings like a bell when your mum thinks of you.


A jet-black coin. Whenever it flips heads, the engraved face locks eyes with whoever flipped it.


A clear glass crystal containing a fragment of lightning.


A ring with a small precious stone, called the bunstone, which emits the pleasant aroma of fresh-baked bread.


A pair of pink socks that always stink, regardless of how many times they are washed.


A clothes peg that can attach clothes to anything.


A hand mirror that telepathically insults the appearance of anyone who looks into it.


Amulet of Backwards Thought: (Wondrous item, uncommon) While worn, gives advantage on Intelligence checks and saves, but whenever the wearer speaks each word is spoken backwards, making communication next to impossible.


Everlasting Mug of Beer: (Wondrous item, common) When you speak a command word, the mug immediately fills with beer. No matter how much is drunk from the mug, it will never be emptied by drinking. If the mug is ever spilled or poured out, it empties immediately.


Charm, Sword of Light: (Wondrous item, common) Worn on a necklace, this small jewellery piece in the shape of a sword is marked with a command word. When the word is spoken, the sword casts bright light in a 30 ft. cone for one hour, or until extinguished by speaking the word again. The charm can be used only once a day, recharging at dawn.


Ring of Domestic Cat Summoning: (Wondrous item, common) Once a day, the wearer can use an action to expend a charge summon every domestic cat within a hundred feet. The cats will approach to 20 ft as long as it is safe to do so. If the wearer makes a Wisdom (Animal Handling) check DC 15 then the cats are friendly, otherwise they are curious but indifferent.


Ring of Jim: (Wondrous item, rare; requires attunement) While wearing the ring, the wearer’s true name is changed to “Jim”. The wearer can decide whether they wish to take the name publicly as well. The changed true name gives advantage on saving throws against charm effects. Additionally, the wearer cannot be summoned by a Gate spell or similar unless the summoner knows their revised true name.


Cup of Endless Kittens: (Wondrous item, uncommon) You can reach into this cup and pull out a small, cute kitten. The kitten will play and be affectionate with you and anyone with you. After an hour, the kitten will disappear. You can have up to five kittens with you at a time. If you allow any kittens to come to harm, the cup will not produce any more kittens for you, and you will receive a sharp bite doing 1d4 damage any time you reach into the cup.


Jersey of Evading Accusations: (Wondrous item, rare; requires attunement) While wearing this brightly-coloured knitted jersey, any accusations against you are made to seem implausible. Accusers take disadvantage on any Charisma (Persuasion) checks made against you in your presence.


Paper Crown of Poverty: (Wondrous item, very rare; enforces attunement) This cursed item is a circlet of paper, cut into the shape of a crown. If worn, all coins they carry immediately turn to copper. The wearer immediately makes a Wisdom save (DC 15), and if they fail the paper crown automatically attunes to them. When attuned, the paper crown becomes affixed to their head and can only be removed by remove curse or similar magic, and at sunset each day all coins carried by the wearer turn to copper.


Rubber Duck of Lesser Sneaking: (Wondrous item, uncommon; requires attunement) This squishy bath toy squeaks when squeezed. While carried, it grants the bearer advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks. However, if a 1 is rolled on either die the duck begins to squeak as the bearer walks, and 1 is taken as the result of the check.