Ships in docking orbit around this station at the edge of charted space (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive discord channel

d10 Result


The Lancelot: Ugly. Deadly weapon systems. The captain, a tedious and moral philanderer


Jekyll - a medical ship, looks beat up. Also know as The Hyde, a notorious pirate vessel, once "reconfigured" via custom modifications


The Castellan, a boxy blockade runner currently afflicted by a memetic bibliovirus. The crew have slowly constructed their own tonal proto-language out of the only phrase the bibliovirus will allow them to say: “Rejoice and all will be reclaimed.”


1A0-2B3: Off-the-assembly-line-new. Doesn't even have a name registered in the standard databases. Bleeding-edge tech.


The Sloth: Old gargantuan automated mining ship. Crew is only thawed for yearly maintenance duties. They’re really out of touch


Node-056-870 (probe): Information carrier utilizing hyperspace for secure FTL communication and data transfer.
It responds to hails as though it’s reading off a flowchart


The Attic Widow a trade ship run entirely by a secretive order of silent nuns. Painted black. No one is sure where they get their darksilk wares from.


Grin at Death, a mortifying reminder of a long concluded war, a mercenary company whose archivist carries the memories of hundreds of their fallen brothers and sisters stretching back generations. A strange locus from which to learn about the universe and a brutally effective, unnervingly jovial fighting force. Their distinctive battlecry is "Grin at Death, the Archive Will Remember Me." They'll pay handsomely for primary documents about their company.


Attending Moistened Heaven (Hexagram 5): an eccentric metadivination, a ship paid for by an opulently wealthy banker that neddlecasts it's location to a great divination board. Unaware of the locations, attitudes or schematics of other Hexagrams and wholly indifferent to their agendas. For some reason crewed only by childlike androids with wide smiles. Their necks are all tattooed with 需 ALWAYS TRUE 需.


A space telescope, pointed out into the uncharted black, currently the site of an active spacewalk protest by the Bliss Finders. They're blocking the camera using a big banner with "MAN WAS NOT MEANT TO KNOW" written on it