Monstrosities to stalk you in the dark (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive discord channel

d10 Result


The whisperfriend. Six triple-jointed legs, translucent skin showing yellow blood. And your best, oldest friend unless you save for sanity.


Spinecrawler. Imagine a human spine wriggling forth as if a catterpillar. It forces pincers into your nape and attaches along your back. It will successfully digest and replace your old spine in 1d6 days. In the end it will become your nervous system, but one’s consciousness shall remain as silent witness.


Cross-dimensional psychic vampire - an ethereal creature from another dimension that feeds upon emotions, but has learned that negative emotions in humans are easier to inspire. Often found "haunting" vessels as it is attracted to the radiation of Jump engines as they cross the threshold to hyperspace.


Hair mites - a nasty infestation of lice-like beings that thrive in all but the most hygienic environments.


Ice Chiggers - burrowing insects that form vast colonies on living tissue, consuming flesh, blood, and bone and excreting freezing waste that scars the host and leaves them constantly shivering.


Marionettes. And abandoned half developed android that nevertheless continues to replicate. It falls to the ground in a heap when frightened and hides its dark eye sockets behind its spindly fingers trembling at the sight of trouble. It continues to build more of itself from left over parts which has led to voidlore surrounding it “always toss away your unused parts and clean your workbench so the marionettes don’t move in with you and steal your eyes.”


Ancient Fridge Lobster. Amorphous blob, comes from that lobster you put in that mini-fridge you tucked waaaaaay in the back of the cargo hold, so that your crewmates wouldn't eat it. But then you forgot about it, and it sat there for a year, and somehow evolved into an ooze that hurt your dog, the pilot, that lady that gambles all her money away, and the hacker kid you picked up on that planet bombarded by rocks from a destroyed moon. You can kill it with fire.


Voidspiders - vacuum-tolerant parasites, made of minerals they extract from starship hulls. High chance of infection via proximity, deal hull damage over time.


Occular worm - tunnels into the eye through the human blindspot and suicide births its new young. The victim’s sight is plagued by weird wriggling blots, like those appearing if you stare on the sun for too long.


Lobotomized Matrioshka Brain: A swarm of Techno-organic nano-bots that seek to re-assemble what once was. They’ve been thoughtful enough to make your brain compatible with their new fancy psi-ops simulators!