Random Goblins of the Bileward (d12)

d12 Result


Sluq. This morbidly obese goblin is carried around in a makeshift palanquin constructed of rubbish by four of his underlings, somehow he has managed to convince them that his girth is a blessing from an angry and hungry god and that only Sluq's beneficence protects others from the deity's wrath.


Yzz. Enamoured of the authority and (grudging) respect that the Peelers receive in Great Lunden, Yzz has cobbled together a goblin-sized uniform from scavenged cloth and scraps of metal, accompanied by his faithful hound (a rat on a string) he seeks to keep the peace in Bileward, largely by stomping about and shouting at people in a high-pitched voice.


Bifeathee. Fancying herself as a great bard, Bifeathee stands on the streets shouting out stories and folk-tales to anyone who will listen, her personal favourites are those recounting the remarkable deeds of Dourgul who saved the life of the Old King and (posthumously) won Bileward for goblin-kind.


Yegs. An expert in middium and gloomium, Yegs is seldom seen without a strange helmet-like contraption covered in various lenses and occular apparatus, he uses them to determine the purity and value of the various precious metals that pass his way.


Azz. An entrepreneurial food-vendor, Azz can often be seen pushing a small wooden cart up and down the dirty streets of Bileward, there is a simple board nailed to the front of the cart proudly stating "Freshest rats in Lunden."


Shaalm. One of the apprentices who works under Bulgeel at the Silent Forge, unfortunately Shaalm is fond of alcohol and can often be induced to brag about what is occurring at the Forge via the application of a few drinks, this hasn't made him popular at his work place, one more slip of the tongue could see him unemployed.


Vraalki. A nervous-looking Garden Goblin who spends his time scavenging for beetles and bugs in the small areas of greenery surrounding Bileward, when confronted or surprised he freezes still like a statue, relying on his grey-skin to help him blend in with the buildings around.


Chezan. Also know as 'the Money Goblin' or the 'Quidler', Chezan is believed to be a direct descendant of Dourgul (a rumour he has done nothing to discourage). Chezan is extremely wealthy for a goblin and is quite happy to lend his money out, at an exorbitant rate of interest of course, those who can't pay the money back quickly discover that Chezan has a small gang of Night Goblins known as 'the Eye-Gougers' who collect on his debts.


Zeerd. A small orange-skinned Wart Goblin who is obsessed with collecting glass bottles, often discarding the contents entirely. Zeerd sticks lines of glass bottles along the top of any surface he can find using a glue that he makes from rat-bones and other substances. Occasionally he pauses to admire his work (particularly when the sunlight shines through them), swaying and grinning happily.


Cuctot. Cuctot is obsessed with eating birds and spends much of her time running between the branches of trees, occasionally pausing to grab a bird from the air with her bare hands before eating is noisily and moving on.


Jegnaards. Jegnaard was given the job of sweeping Bileward's dusty streets years ago by some long forgotten--and probably dead--city official, despite the futility of the task, the small reddish-brown goblin can be seen everyday, sweeping his way down one street or another, whistling tunelessly.


Toldrum. A miserable looking goblin who is fond of gambling, he owes a lot of money to Chezan and is currently trying to lay low to avoid Chezan's thugs whilst he desperately looks for a way to make back the 500 quid he's owes the burly goblin.