M.U.N.E GM Emulator

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The Madey Upy Namey Emulator

This is an online adaptation of the M.U.N.E. GM Emulator. It works similarly to Mythic GM Emulator but much simpler and light weight. The goal here is to make it even easier to use by having it online in collection form. I have also included a modded oracle that uses a system for triggering interventions by a crit on a d10 with "and/but" answers instead of a 3 point (on "yes, and...") to trigger interventions. My mod makes them more common but doesn't require point tracking. If you have not checked out M.U.N.E. it is only a few pages long, and it's great. You can check out the creator's blog here.

I hope this is something you find helpful and enjoyable.