Designed to not only be a massive library of role-playing random tables, Chartopia is the tool by which one can create, share and organise their random table collection.

Chartopia affords the DM to leave their massive books at home, reduce the dice-rolling on complex linked/associated charts and automatically calculate dice equations.

A massive collection of random tables

Discover fantastic random tables from the growing repository; some new, some open source and some sourced from around the internet.

Chart creation features

Create and share your own random tables.

Link multiple charts together

Ever tried creating a random player name and had to roll as many as 4 times per name? Do it all in one hit with chart linking. Let one dice roll automatically call all associated tables that create the entire name.

Roll on item lists

Ever wanted to roll on lists of items rather than have to create and roll on another table just to form a result? Now your raiding party can easily claim that 10d4 pieces of [copper; silver; gold] from that fallen foe; all from a single dice roll.

Dice equations

Got loot tables? Have you ever wanted to easily mix up the amount of loot a player receives with say, a 2d12, or maybe even a 2d12 + 4 * d4 - 10? You can achieve that with nested equations that are automatically calculated per result roll.

Formatting in Markdown, HTML or plain text

Have complete control over the look of your random table by using either Markdown or HTML formatting. You can add emphasis to words or even show images - maybe the picture speaks clearer? Sure, you can just use plain text if you like.

Import tools

Have a collection of tables in spread sheets? You can import .csv files to take advantage of Chartopia's features.

Tools for bloggers

Have you noticed how many different ways charts appear on different RPG websites and blogs? Noticed how difficult it is then to share these charts with others? Use the embed feature to create HTML-formatted versions of Chartopia's tables that you can then copy into your blog.

Game preparation tools

DMs have a huge collection of their favourite tables but sometimes they reside across books, spreadsheets and blogs and scraps of paper.

Search tools

Quickly find that favourite table in your collection using the built in search filters.


About to host a game? Prepare all the tables you may want to use with with the folder management tools. Want to organise by chapter, genre, characters, campaign or all of the above, the folder system allows you to add a chart to many folders. It's like the DM's equivalent of music playlists for your game sessions; 'album art' supported.